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Senior Trip Ideas

High school is over, and there’s a bittersweet feeling that has taken over. You are excited about graduation, going to college, and being independent, but at the same time, you’ll be leaving behind some great friends that you made throughout this time. It seems abrupt to you, like a sudden break from the life you’ve lived and people you knew for so long. What now? Don’t you want to extend the last few days? Why not plan a senior class trip? It would be the perfect way to say goodbye to all your friends, while making new and happy memories.

Places to Visit

New York city literally has everything! If you grew up in a small town or countryside, there is nothing that can parallel the big city experience like New York. What is more ideal than Manhattan to initiate you into it? New York can be an ideal place for an educational as well as a fun trip. One can visit one of the several famed museums, like the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) or the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, or study the different architectures of the Brooklyn bridge or the Chrysler building. For business aficionados, there’s the stock exchange. For romantics, the Central Park and its horse driven carriages. You name it and it’s there! Perfect choice for a spring break vacation.

Cape Cod (simply called Cape) is one of the main attractions of Massachusetts. It is sprawled by long miles of coastlines, and is considered one of the best beach vacation spots in the US. The ocean breeze that blows throughout the day and night is something that you wouldn’t want to miss. And it’s not just the beaches that are up on offer – the cuisine offered is one of the best in the world, it is said. There are also several art and cultural activities, quaint little shops, wooden bicycle paths, and scores of festivals and events to make your trip that much more fun. All in all – a complete stress buster.

Popularly known as the Bay State, Boston offers its visitors several things that one can choose from. Visit the Bunker Hill Monument, take a tour of the Harvard bookstore, or learn something about the historical events of Boston at the Massachusetts Historical Society. Simply choose one of the days that the Museum of Fine Arts admits people in for free, and soak yourself in the art of the state, or tour the famous Massachusetts state house on Beacon hill. The days will simply slip by.

You may have to plan for this one a little in advance, but it’ll all be worth it. What with the rich culture, the beaches, and the cuisine. These being just some of the options that you can try in Hawaii. There are several others that you can undertake as well, like exclusive beach activities that involve snorkeling and deep water diving, or a tour of the culture of the beautiful islands in Hawaii. The kind of things you plan will solely depend on your budget. The fancier the budget, the better or richer experiences you can bring in. Granted that this might be one of the more extravagant trips that you can take up as a senior, but it’s fun nonetheless.

Visit some of the best mountain ranges in the US and have some great skiing experiences. There are some world renowned ranges in Aspen, Colorado, that you could visit and indulge in some skiing. You could even take up skiing classes which are meant for beginners, and experience the thrills of the mountains. Or simply visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. There is a wide variety of animal and plant life there that you could watch and learn from. The peace that comes with it is something that cannot be put down in words.

If you want to experience the thrill of the journey more than making it to the destination, think about the different train and sea cruises that are offered. Granted, the destination will be grand, but ‘getting there’ will heighten the fun and adventure even more. Plan with your class the kind of destination they want to go to, and then set about researching the best trains or cruises that are offered to get there. Got to be one of the most fun vacation ideas of all time.

Camping is one of the most popular choices for cheap vacation ideas, and make for great trips. Everyone must have camped at some time or the other with their family or friends. This is your chance to relive the thrill of camping out in the wild, catching and cooking your own fish, and going on nature trails. Seems fun? We thought so too.

If your budget is extravagant enough, you could even visit a different country. Go on a tour of Europe or visit a small town in India. The experience of getting to know different cultures, cuisines, and people will be extraordinary. And we bet this will be a unique experience that will stay with you forever.

Summer Road Trip Ideas for Students

Who doesn’t enjoy a road trip? Fantastic scenes flashing by your window as you race along buttery smooth roads with your best pals, camping out in the wild and sharing laughs over a bonfire, cherishing experiences that will make you smile when you are old―being on the road is the best thing you can do with your summer months.

Fortunately, the U.S. is blessed with countless routes that are just made for someone who enjoys driving, and destinations that take your breath away. Here’s a list of the best road trip destinations you can visit this summer.

Couchsurfing is a surefire way of cutting the cost of your accommodation on all these trips, as most of the cities in question have Couchsurfing hosts. Campsites are also found aplenty in America, and are a worthwhile option to ponder.

Road Trip Ideas for Students

Rock Fest and Surrounding Wisconsin

State: Wisconsin
Distance: Variable
Rock Fest is one of the biggest rock music festivals in the world. Artists and ensembles such as Iron Maiden (’nuff said, to be honest, but there’s even more), KISS, and Korn have performed at this festival in the past. That it is held in the picturesque state of Wisconsin is a huge bonus. It is usually held on the third Thursday-Sunday of July, near Cadott, WI. This state is also home to popular tourist destinations such as the House on the Rock, the Circus World Museum, and the Dells of the Wisconsin River. The Oshkosh Airshow, which usually starts on the last Monday of July, also fits into this itinerary perfectly. Camping on the banks of Lake Superior is the perfect way to end this exciting trip through one of the most scenic states in the U.S. Wisconsin has numerous campsites, and camping in this picturesque state is the ideal way to experience it.

New Orleans to Graceland

State: Louisiana-Tennessee
Distance: 400 miles
A memorial to one of the greatest entertainers in human history, Graceland attracts thousands of visitors each year. Having been the home of Elvis Presley, it now serves as a museum dedicated to the King’s life. Several idiosyncratic arrangements preferred by Presley have been maintained here. He is also buried there, along with his parents, in an area called the Meditation Garden. It is a veritable pilgrimage to fans of rock and roll.

A readily available route to take to this Rock memorial is traveling along the Mississippi river, starting from New Orleans. Though this route is not replete with campsites or Couchsurfing hosts, it is short, and can be covered in a day; cheap accommodation can then be found in Memphis.

Las Vegas-Lake Havasu-Sedona

State: Nevada, Arizona
Distance: 384 miles
Las Vegas, the City of Dreams, needs no introduction. Its casinos and various entertainment avenues are the ideal way to blow off some steam and do ‘what stays in Vegas’.

Havasu, straddling the border between California and Arizona, is famous for its fishing competitions and recreational aquatic activities. This route gives you the opportunity to drive through the Mojave desert, in addition to great camping opportunities. The popular vacation spot of Sedona is also easily accessible from the lake, and is the perfect destination to cap off the trip.

Yellowstone National Park

State: Mainly Wyoming
Distance: Variable
Being one of the most popular national parks in the world, Yellowstone’s rich wildlife diversity and geysers need no introduction. It also includes various historic places, such as the Yellowstone fort, and various other classic structures. There are numerous camping sites in this scenic national park, which enhance your experience of the wild.

U.S. Route 101

State: Washington-California
Distance: 1,550 miles
Several sections of this route can be rightfully included among the most picturesque and enjoyable drives in the world, including the Pacific Highway in California and the Avenue of the Giants. Though traversing this route in its entirety can take up to a week, there are several tourist attractions along the way, including the Golden Gate Bridge, in addition to the scenic road itself. More information about planning a trip from Seattle to Los Angeles, two of the largest cities on or around Route 101, can be found here.

Ocean City to Niagara Falls

State: New Jersey-New York
Distance: 480 miles
Ocean City, a popular family-oriented seaside resort, is full of fun activities. The most popular option is to take the famous, 2.5-mile long boardwalk, around which many of the attractions are located. Another massively popular attraction is Lucy the Elephant, a six-story-high novelty construction. The Niagara falls are a global favorite, and are worth a visit any time of the year.

Though the route from Ocean City to the Niagara Falls is relatively devoid of attractions, it passes through Philadelphia, which is renowned for its museums and national historical sites; a Philly sandwich doesn’t hurt, either! Also, although it is sacrilege to suggest this to New Jerseyites, a detour to the Big Apple is definitely a trip you should take if you have never been there.

New York to Asheville

State: New York-North Carolina
Distance: 707 miles
Biltmore Estate, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the U.S., attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to Asheville, but this city contains much more than that. It is a hotbed of stunning architectural pieces, including the art deco city hall and the Basilica of St. Lawrence. Apart from architecture, it is home to some of the best whitewater kayaking facilities in the U.S., along with other whitewater recreational activities.

The route, the I-95, is not particularly scenic, but passes through various must-see destinations, such as Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Raleigh, NC. More information about tourist sites on the I-95 south of New York can be found here.

Ground Zero to Gettysburg Battlefield

State: New York-Pennsylvania
Distance: 211 miles
All Americans should visit these touching and inspiring sites at least once. They stand as a reminder of America’s resilience against oppression of every kind, and innate desire to be free and supreme. Philadelphia, site of various national historic monuments, such as the liberty bell, also lies on this route. A patriotic road trip every American must take!

These destinations are among the most popular tourist attractions in the world, let alone the U.S., and a road trip to these can be undertaken easily by students. There are scenic routes, fantastic camping locations once you tire of the road, and great destinations at the end.

Vacation Ideas for December

wishfulwednesday-key-west-florida-942012-154432_horiz-largeThe most awaited December vacation is soon to arrive and I know people reading this article are eagerly waiting for it to come. So, where have you decided to go this December? Different people will prefer to take up different vacation spots, depending on their preferences. Most snow lovers would prefer heading towards the northern hemisphere for a power-packed adventurous vacation, while some might visit the scenic spots in the southern region to enjoy the warmth there. Whatever be your vacation plans, it is imperative that you turn that vacation into something that will be really, really memorable; something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. While there might be many who have already finalized their vacation plans and zeroed in on the places to visit, as well as the ways in which to spend the holiday season, there might be many who have not yet fixed an itinerary. It is for all of them that this article comes through. It’ll give you several ideas on the kind of vacations that you can plan and the spots that you can visit. Need some vacation ideas for December? Read on.

December Vacation Ideas

Different people with different tastes. So while some might enjoy beaches, others might love the mountains. While some might be couples looking for a honeymoon spot, some others might be single looking for silent places to relax. It is while keeping all these different tastes and needs in mind that the following list has been compiled. Hope you find what you’re looking for in this list.

Cruises – A Dream by the Sea
Cruises have got to count as one of the best out-of-the-world experiences. That blue-green ocean on all sides while you relax on board? Heaven. No wonder cruise vacations are a dream come true for many. They constitute as one of the best vacation ideas for families as well as couples and singles. So book your cruise now and enter the world of dreams. Be a part of the various recreational activities on board and enjoy the versatility that they offer. Enjoy the exotic cuisine and the world-class living amenities. Try your luck at the casinos and delve deep into the melodies at the music programs held on board. I’m sure you’ve started visualizing your cruise holiday. So go get your cruise reservations right now.

► Royal Caribbean Cruises, Princess Cruises, Crystal Cruises and Holland America Line are some of the popular cruise lines that you can choose from for your December vacation.

Snow Spots – The Magic of White
Places with snow have a charm of their own. Pristine white and absolutely breathtaking. These spots should be on your list if you love the quiet surroundings that snow-peaked mountains and valleys offer. It’s not just the quiet solitude that draws people to these snowy regions, there are several adventure sports that are offered as well. Sports like skiing, ice skating and sledding are some of the most popular ones. When choosing places for a vacation of this nature, the states located in the northern United States and Canada would be a good option to choose from. Especially if you are looking for a snow-packed vacation and want to try some adventurous activities like skiing.

► Colorado is an ideal vacation spot for snow lovers – the Arapahoe Basin located there offers ample opportunities for snowboarding and skiing. Other great vacation spots for snow lovers include Alaska, Lake Tahoe in Nevada, etc.

Beaches – Golden and Sunny Tidings
Imagine that expanse of the beach – the brown toasty sand under your feet, the feel of warm sea water advancing and receding from the web of your toes, the smell of sea in the air, the sound of seagulls somewhere in the background and you taking a much-needed tan. I would never, ever leave the place! It’s no wonder that many who want to include the element of recreation and relaxation in their schedule love visiting beaches. The beach is such a versatile spot, have you noticed? Families, couples, singles – any and everyone can find exactly what they are looking for at the beach. Spending some amount of time at the beach is one of the best ways to refresh oneself from the busy or the mundane rut that our lives sometime settle into. After the relaxing is well underway and one needs to indulge in some adventure activities like surfing, snorkeling and deep sea diving, there are scores of options for those as well.

► Some of the best beach places to visit in December are Florida, the Bahamas, Hawaii, Mexico, West Indies, Greek islands, etc.

Vacation Ideas for Christmas
Christmas as a holiday usually promises a whole lot of enjoyment anyway. So wherever you are, you are going to enjoy it. However, many people like to travel somewhere and have a more memorable Christmas vacation. For all those people, the above mentioned options are all favorable vacation ideas for Christmas. But apart from these, you can enjoy a boat ride in a lake of your choice with your entire family and have yet another great Christmas vacation. You can also head towards December vacation destinations such as Australia and visit the Great Barrier Reef or Gold Coast and have a warm Christmas this year. Or else, if you are looking for Christmas vacation ideas in the USA itself, then New York with its big city appeal is also be a great option. Making it one of the best family vacation ideas in December.

Here’s hoping that these vacation ideas for December will have provided you with several options and choices, and that you will have a clearer idea of how and where to spend your vacations. In conclusion, all that’s left to be said is that both, Christmas and December vacations promise equal opportunities for fun. So whoever you’re with, and more importantly, wherever you are, just make sure that you make the most of it. Happy vacationing everyone!