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Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Even if you’re not a calorie conscious person, it is wise to keep away from the chocolate bars and ice cream sodas, as the intake of sugar in these products can make you drowsy. The next few lines will throw light on healthy snacks that are favorable on a road trip.

Fruits and Vegetables
On any road trip, a fair share of fruits such as bananas, apples, grapes, and oranges are a great way to fight hunger. You can have these fruits either whole or opt for a fruit salad. In case you decide to carry fruit salad on your road trip, see to it that it’s kept in a little ice box. You can also dice fruits and vegetables and make your favorite dips. Carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes too make a great snack. Carrying a small pocket knife always comes in handy during a road trip.

Snacks at Restaurants
If you haven’t packed healthy snacks for your road trip and want to stop for a quick bite, you can order an omelet stuffed with vegetables and accompanied with brown bread. If you have a sweet tooth, you could choose a muffin which has a good nutritional value. A glass of fresh fruit juice adds to the fiber and vitamin quotient. You can also choose whole wheat toast with some peanut butter. For all you potato lovers, baked potato chips are a good option instead of the greasy deep-fried ones. Sandwiches with spinach and low-fat cheese are another great option. Make sure you order whole wheat bread for your sandwiches. For those who cannot resist chicken, preferably opt for the baked variety, rather than the fried ones.

Dry Fruits
These are a great snack on a long road trip. Dry fruits and nuts are a great combination for any road trip, be it any place. You can pack a whole variety of raisins along with almonds, walnuts, and pecans to add that tangy flavor to your appetite. See to it that you consume these in small proportions, rather than all at one go, as too much of anything can cause stomach upsets.

These are a favorite with children on road trips. Keep in mind the type of cookies that you take along. Avoid gooey cookies that can mess up the interiors of the car. Dry cookies are a safe option when it comes to road trips. You can choose walnut and almond cookies or the ones with chocolate chips, depending on the preferences of your children. Cookies made from oat are another great option for any road trip.

During a road trip make sure that you consume a lot of water to avoid dehydration. Scoops of yogurt and fresh fruit juice along the way are a refreshing way to beat the heat. Packing a healthy snack on a road trip doesn’t mean cramming in snacks that could serve an entire generation. Pack the required amount of snacks that you will need for that specific trip and enjoy the memorable experience.

Tips for Planning a Road Trip With Kids

Kids are the fun element at every event, be it a road trip or an outing. With those little ones around the trip, it is all the more pepped up and full of energy. But, parents have to be careful and completely equipped, when it comes to taking kids out on a road trip. This is because when on a road trip, you spend maximum time in the car, at first it would be fascinating for kids to look out of the window, but after sometime the novelty wears off and then what? Your kid might get bored! Plus there are various factors like, children usually suffer from motion sickness or will want to pee every now and then during the road trip. Therefore, you have to be well prepared for all the outcomes and demands for your young ones.

Road trips are all about jumping into a car and heading to create plenty of cherished memories and explore new adventurous avenues. All it takes to ensure a fun and safe trip is a little organization and a lot of humor, which parents usually forget to carry along with them. Just leave your strictness back at home and enjoy along with your little ones.
How to Plan a Road Trip with Kids
Kids always want to munch on something, so pack some fun foods for the road trip. Being parents, you are surely not going to be happy with your children eating junk, so what you can do is make cup cakes, sandwiches, pancakes, juice boxes, crackers and some more fun foods. This will ensure your kids are eating healthy foods and enjoying it too!

Always remember to carry small garbage and vomit bags. If you are on a long road trip there are chances that kids might suffer from motion sickness and with all that they munch on during the trip, they might just throw up, therefore it is important to be armed with all the necessary accessories for a clutter free road trip.

Entertain your kids! There is every possible chance that your little ones might irritate you or get bored during the trip; the best way to combat their boredom is to keep them occupied. Bring along your child’s coloring books, pencil and crayons. You need not be told to bring along their portable games. You can also carry baseball or carom equipment, that the entire family can enjoy. Do not forget the beach kit, if you happen to visit a place near the seashore.

Carry your child’s favorite music CD along. It is super fun to listen to those rhymes or kiddo music, you are sure to get nostalgic about your childhood memories. You can also carry portable devices like iPods, mp3 players or a disc-man.

This might seem like an obvious recommendation, but parents hardly follow it. Don’t rush or be in a hurry to reach the destination, take your time, it’s a vacation and the whole idea is to relax. Stop the car every 2 hours for your kids to stretch their legs and get some fresh air. Moreover, every time you stop make sure your kid uses the washroom!

Talk to your kids! This is very important and something parents really miss out on. Vacation is the time you get to spend with your family, make complete use of it. Ask them to tell you a story or sing along with the music playing in the background. It is also very important to keep informing your young ones about the various locations or landmarks you pass by, this will educate them and keep them occupied in the bargain.

Packing for your kids clothes would seem like a daunting task, but simplify it. There is no need to carry lots of clothes. Just keep it simple and light. Make sure you carry more of undergarments and socks, may be three pairs of shirts and shorts or pajamas, jeans (only if you really want it) and one sweat shirt. Consider the weather before you start packing and layering clothes. You sure must be planning to stay in hotel rooms, they have laundry services, so you need not worry much.

Keep paper napkins and a hand sanitizer handy. Kids and mess go hand in hand, so paper napkins are a must to clean your kid’s hands and face after eating. Plus a hand sanitizer will ensure clean hands before eating. Considering the climate carry your sunscreen if it is sunny, as you don’t want your young ones to get tanned and cold creams or moisturizers in case it is going to be cold.

Gone are the days when you could jump in the car and head to your destination, sleep in the car or just stop at a motel on the roadside. With children along you have to be more responsible and confirm your hotel bookings way in advance. Remember to pre-program your GPS to help you locate the place in case you get lost. If you are not into GPS directions, carry a simple printed map that will guide you with the directions.

Keep your cool!!! Let kids be kids! They are bound to get excited and crazier while on a road trip and more if it is their first time. Let the craziness be infectious and you too get a little crazy with them and enjoy. And do not forget to carry your camera, after all these memories need to be preserved and cherished forever.

This article for sure has equipped you with the possible tips for planning a trip with kids. However, any amount of planning and organization will not stop your kid from asking you in his cute innocent tone, “Pa! Are we there yet?”. Well… it indeed is great fun with kids around and memorable too!l

How to Plan a Road Trip

Trips are a great bonding experience. They bring families and friends closer, and most importantly, create wonderful memories for lifetime. Umpteen number of things have to be considered, as it is more difficult than what it seems. Your planning alone will make the trip either disastrous or a great one. To avoid all these pitfalls, we have made a list of various factors to be considered while planning your road trip.

Planning a Road Trip Well


Selecting a destination is very important. And more so if you are planning it across America, as the country gives a wide variety right from deserts, mountains, ocean shores, shopping destinations or small towns that haven’t changed for years now. All of them are super exciting to explore and the trip is sure to amaze you with how diverse and huge the US is. Once you zero down on to your destination, decide the route you are going to take. Keep a map handy, you never know.

Fuel and Other Fluids Check in the Car

Make sure you check whether there is enough gas, get the oil changed, fill the windshield fluid, and get your car ready for the long trip. Get the car fully serviced to avoid trouble during the trip. Do not forget about keeping your license, registration, and insurance up-to-date in your car.


The people you are planning the road trip with make all the difference in the basic planning. If you have your family and kids along, you have to be a little more attentive towards their needs, and if you’re planning it with your friends, it can be more spaced out and relaxed. But anyway, both are going to be super fun and memorable.


Music gets everything rocking. Carry your favorite music which can be played in the car while driving. Music also reduces the intensity of fatigue on a long road trip. If you’re planning the trip with your kids, make sure you carry snacks, water-bottles, juice boxes and fruits. Store convenient food anyway. Carry garbage bags to dispose the waste. Some kids or even adults suffer from motion sickness, therefore you must carry vomit bags too. Also make sure you and the kids (if traveling with them) use the restroom every time you stop.


Ensure you carry enough cash or cards and don’t run out of them. With less cash or no cash, you just might have to compromise on a lot of things, which I’m sure you don’t want to, so go loaded. To capture beautiful moments and make them immortal, a camera is essential. Make sure you carry it along, charge it and replace it with new batteries if the camera happens to work on batteries. Games!! Here is when the fun comes in. Plan for games, adults enjoy it as much as kids, and they are always a great idea on a long road trip.


If you are traveling with kids and family, hotel reservations are compulsory and should be confirmed beforehand. With friends, trust me, it’s fun to stay at a roadside motel when it gets dark, and just adds more adventure to your trip; you get to meet all kinds of interesting people as well.

Other Accessories

Figuring out what has to be carried during the road trip and packing your trunk efficiently is another important thing. You don’t want to regret forgetting something you ‘so’ wanted on the trip. For example, your sunglasses and sunscreen must be carried. If you don’t want those embarrassing sunburns and the tan, sunscreen should be kept handy. Sunglasses reduce the strain on your eyes and look stylish at the same time. Wearing flip-flops is recommended, because during a long road trip, kids or may be even adults usually happen to take them off in the car. They are easy and convenient to slip into and take off during every pit stop.

Avoid Peak Traffic Hours

A trip that you have planned most probably is because you want to break from the long work hours, traffic and routine, right? Therefore, check your route and study the place well. Remember, even though you are on a vacation, the world is still working. Make sure you avoid the rush hours, because then you will be beating the whole purpose of the trip itself. So, plan your route accordingly. You can also make use of bypasses and alternate routes to avoid peak driving times.

Acquire Ideas and Information about the Place

Put in more time and interest in planning your trip. Get to know all the famous areas and places in and around the destination, and make sure you visit them, because you do not want to miss out on anything. Find out the different attractions and how to get there. You can also consult road trip planners for more ideas.

Just Go All Out and Have Fun!!!

A happy state of mind is the aim of the trip. So go all out and have a blast. Despite proper planning, things can go wrong sometime. But, you don’t have to worry, instead take it in the right stride. You are going to be laughing uproariously on those silly things that went wrong when you look back at it once you are back from the trip. Lay back. Relax. Laugh. And enjoy the self planned road trip!!!
With the above checklist, nothing can go wrong planning a road trip. So now that you know how to plan a road trip, make it the most memorable one, enjoy and have a blast!!!

Benefits of Hiking

Physical benefits of hiking are plenty, provided one carries it out on a regular basis. However, before starting a hike, it is important to check on a few things like the climate, location, and the path to follow. Also, it is important to have company with you. Start slow, follow familiar paths, and wear good hiking shoes to avoid any accidents. This physical activity has numerous health benefits, some of which are given below:

Weight Loss
Weight loss is the major benefit. With the trail climbing up and down the hill, one burns a lot of calories. When combined with a balanced and healthy diet, it provides a healthy way to lose weight, and get a lean body.

Body Toning
The lower body gets toned, when one goes on a hike on a regular basis. Trails where there are some elevations are the best, as they act as muscle toning workouts. Also, one could carry some weights on his/her back which can increase the strength. For a beginner, it is always recommended to start off with flat land first, followed by small hills and later on progressing to difficult hills.

Not Tough
It is not tough, and can be taken up by anyone irrespective of the age. Initially, a flat terrain can be selected according to age. Those who have a considerable amount of experience and those with age on their side, can proceed quickly to more complicated trails. People affected with arthritis and joint pain can also benefit from hiking, as the leg muscles get strengthened in this exercise.

Prevention of Heart Diseases
As a result of regular pumping of blood and increase in the blood circulation, many heart diseases can be prevented. Fat is burnt better and the level of the good cholesterol, i.e., HDL, increases in the body. This helps in keeping the body healthy. The arteries get dilated, thereby reducing the pressure on the heart and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Lowering the Blood Pressure
One of the important benefit is the reduction in blood pressure. The blood vessels and the arteries dilate and the insulin production reduces, thereby leading to a reduction in the blood pressure. Thus, reduction in the blood pressure in people affected from hypertension, is one of the important benefits of this outdoor activity.

Slows Down Aging Process
It has been proved that people who exercise regularly age slowly. Also, their immune system is well-equipped to fight against infection. In fact, inactivity makes one susceptible to premature aging, and some amount of regular exercise is very important in everyone’s life.

Stress Buster
Everyone is under some amount of stress in one way or the other. Some may eat a lot when under pressure, while some cannot eat at all. As both these conditions are undesirable and unhealthy, getting rid of this stress is very important. This activity helps by acting as a powerful stress buster. Getting up early and going for a hike all by yourself, gives you time to think and also helps you to de-stress. It freshens you up, which in turn, brings your appetite to normal and helps you to remain fit.

Other Health Benefits
Some other benefits include controlling diabetes and improving osteoporosis. The immune system also gets strengthened due to the fresh air that we breathe, and this helps in reducing other problems like flu, cold, and sinus problems. People with persistent back pain can also find relief due to this activity. However, it is recommended that people with all the aforementioned conditions should consult their doctor before starting with this activity.

Unlike gym, hiking is an outdoor activity, and a fat burning exercise at the same time. The fresh air and sunlight in the morning, lightens the mood and freshens up a person. When coupled with a balanced diet, it promotes the overall health of a person.